As a trustable company, we seek and gain access to public officials to persuade them to change a policy, or its application. We are therefore mindful that we must hold ourselves to the highest possible standard when dealing with government officials. We willingly comply with the most restrictive requirements for the conduct of advocacy both in the jurisdictions where we are established as well as in those where we conduct work on behalf of clients: namely,  the Bribery Act of the United Kingdom, the  Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of the United States  and the Penal Code of the United Arab Emirates.

More broadly, companies are inevitably part of the communities where they do business and are located. We try to be responsible and productive members of those societies where we are located. This page details some of our efforts in that regard:

Ethics and compliance are a regular part of our internal and external processes and culture.


Compliance is a cornerstone of our corporate induction for each employee.


Our employment contracts’ anti-bribery policy is clear and includes definitions, clarity on what constitutes a bribe and how to report any perceived instances of bribery, and the processes that would follow.

Annual Training

Every staff person is required to attend annual UKBA and FCPA training and certification sessions with an outside legal specialist.

Strict Internal Processes

All company interactions and expenditure are recorded according to a strict process; all expenses are cross-checked by at least three different company units and outside contractors.

Access Partnership is proud of its spotless record, and continues to do the maximum possible to ensure it is maintained. If you would like to know more, please contact us.